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A Healthy Workout for Your Skin

Don’t let the thought of needles scare you away from this new, skin-reviving procedure. Skin needling is a safe and effective alternative to lasers, and can refresh and renew tired winter skin.

When most people think of health and wellness rarely do they think about their skin. Yet our skin is our largest organ and has many functions. It forms a protective barrier over the body’s surface which keeps germs and bacteria out and keeps water in. It regulates body temperature and allows us the sensation of touch, heat, cold and pain. The synthesis of Vitamin D also occurs in our skin.

When our skin is healthy it will maintain a balance and can better protect us from UV radiation. When it is free from blemishes, redness and pigmentation, we tend to feel healthier, more vibrant and we enjoy increased self-confidence.
It seems then, that we should include our skin in our health and wellness program and keep it as healthy as the rest of our body. One of the newest, safest and easiest ways to achieve healthier skin is by skin needling.

What is Skin Needling?

With a lot of cosmetic hype focusing on laser treatments, which are indeed very effective at treating certain skin concerns, there is a natural alternative which is proving to be as effective as, and safer than lasers. Skin needling, also termed micro needling or dermal rolling, is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). It involves a technique that uses a specialized device with fine, sharp, sterile needles which are rolled over the skin creating little channels. This causes micro-injuries to the skin, which in turn stimulates the body’s natural wound healing response. The formation of new cells occurs and the fibroblasts are activated to create new collagen and elastin which plumps the skin and reverses the visible signs of aging. Micro needling is proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles; stimulate collagen production; tighten the skin; reduce acne scarring; stretch marks and pigmentation, as well as aid in the effectiveness of topical vitamins and creams.

Skin needling can be thought of as “fitness for your skin”. When we exercise our body, we cause it stress which triggers the body to recover through repairing and rebuilding. Similarly, tiny tears to our muscle fibers during weight training also stimulate a recovery process. When we feed our muscles the nutrients they need, they grow bigger and stronger. This is how the skin responds to the micro-injuries caused when we use the roller. The injury to the skin triggers a healing response and the release of growth factors. When you apply the correct vitamins and serums to feed the skin after rolling, the skin becomes smoother, firmer and healthier and the results are long-lasting. Much like exercise, you won’t see the results overnight. It takes regular, consistent workouts to see and feel the benefits of your exercise program. It also takes time for your skin to remodel and renew to the point where you can see a difference in scarring and wrinkles. Your skin will look brighter and fresher because of the exfoliation process that occurs with each session, but it will take three-four months to see and measure differences in the firming and smoothing of your skin.

Dermal rolling is simple, safe and affordable. Men and women can improve the health of their skin by incorporating the skin needling technique. It can be used on the face, neck, chest and most other areas of the body. It is safe to use on any skin type and color, although it is not recommended to use on active acne, open skin lesions, skin cancer or moles.

The Procedure

The rollers used in skin needling come in different lengths. Medical rollers are 1mm to 2mm in length and require a topical numbing cream to be applied to the skin prior to clinical treatments. Cosmetic rollers are .2mm to .5mm, do not require topical numbing cream and can be done in the convenience of your own home to support clinic treatments. They are easy to use and painless. With proper instruction and guidance from your skin care professional and used in conjunction with the correct topical creams and serums, you can obtain a noticeable improvement in the health and appearance of your skin.
Many types of dermal rollers are sold but will differ greatly in quality. One that is medical grade, FDA approved, and sterilized in a sealed package will be the safest. The needles will stay sharp through months of use with high quality rollers. The cleaning method should be explained clearly as well as the proper technique, frequency and duration of use to ensure you get the most out of your rolling.

Incorporating skin needling into your health and wellness program is a natural, easy and effective way to ensure you are giving your skin the “workout” it needs to maintain good health and a youthful glow.

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