Lash Lounge

Lash Lounge

Eyelash Extensions

Our eyelash extensions are an exciting new way to extend the length and thickness of natural eyelashes. They are a practical, convenient and a beautiful alternative to the daily use of mascara. Unlike traditional false lashes, lash extensions are the first innovation in lash lengthening that can be worn daily without nightly removal. Your lashes will look longer, thicker, fuller, very black and shiny without that false eyelash look. They are completely weightless and look and feel natural. You can choose the look you want, whether it be conservative or glam wow, you choose. The look can be maintained indefinitely with minimal monthly maintenance. Because each lash is bonded to a single natural lash, the final result is natural effortless beauty!

How are eyelash extensions applied?

The extensions are applied by a certified lash stylist. They are made from silk and “faux” mink (we don’t support animal cruelty). They are the softest lashes on the market, with the perfect curl. The application includes applying one single, silky lash extension to each one of your own individual lashes. They are meticulously applied lash by lash and bonded with medical grade adhesive. Each application is customized to suit the individual. The process is very relaxing and pain free.  Please come without make up for your application. We treat this service with the utmost care in hygiene and safety around your eyes.

How long do they last?

Your natural eyelash growth cycle is approximately 60 to 90 days and continuously being replaced by new ones. The extension should last as long as the natural growth cycle of each eyelash. Therefore, it is necessary to get touch-ups or “fills”. Since the extensions are bonded to your own natural lash, you need to relash the areas where your own natural lash has fallen out. Fills keep the lashes looking fresh. About every 3 weeks is recommended, however, this will vary for the individual and your natural lash growth, as well as how you take care of your new lash extensions. We provide you with complete after care instructions so maintenance is a breeze.

Please call for pricing and come in for an “instant pretty”! We have various pricing options depending on the look you want. Love Your Lashes!

Lash Lift

Relax in our lash lounge and treat your eyes to a lash lift.

The Lash Lift is a low-maintenance lash perm that lifts and enhances your natural lashes for up to 8 weeks! We use customized shields that fit your natural shape and a series of cream solutions. Our lash lifts are done in three steps; curling the lashes, setting your lashes, and conditioning your natural lashes, leaving you with a long-lasting, natural-looking lift, without the maintenance of extensions!

Try this technique if you:

  • Like the look of extensions, but not the upkeep
  • Want your lashes to look longer while still keeping a natural appearance
  • Have allergies and/or sensitivities to makeup or extensions

Lash Lift Benefits

  • No more need for your eyelash curler
  • Lasts up to 6-8 weeks
  • Requires no lash adhesive or eyelash extensions
  • Comes in 3 different levels of “lift”
  • Cream based solutions for optimal safety

Finish your look with an a lash tint for a darker and fuller effect (additional fees apply, please inquire when booking).