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What Can I Do to Improve My Skin?

In addition to the many skin care treatments available today – chemical peels, microdermabrasion, IPL and lasers – add another intriguing option: dermal rolling. An alternative to laser treatments, this option is simple, safe, effective, natural and affordable.

Dermal rolling contributes to skin health by using essential topical nutrients to improve acne, rosacea, pigment and wrinkles. By creating tiny openings in the top layer of the skin, up to 80 % more nutrients can penetrate to the layers where they are most needed. This at-home option, is convenient and very effective.

For those who would like faster results, the next step up is Medical Rolling. This does not rely on increased nourishment alone to get results, but also on the natural healing process that occurs from micro-injuries to the skin. This in-office treatment is a natural way of promoting new collagen and elastin and may be the preferred treatment for those not good candidates for laser or those wanting to stay with the most natural treatments available. It can make a tremendous improvement in overall skin health when combined with the correct skin care products. It is truly an exciting and effective alternative. Call for your personal consultation today.

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